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44cm Premium Cedar Wooden Clips Cloth Hanger Wholesale

For all clothes: Suit,Coat, Jackets, Trousers, Skirts, Dresses, Scarf  

Item No. 44-CedarH-Rnd-Clip-1007

As wooden hangers factory, Arisen are capable to wholesale wide range of custom wood hangers, quality-oriented with reasonable prices and fast delivery.

44cm Premium Cedar Wooden Clips Hanger is one of Arisen best selling Cedar Wood Hangers to Europe,USA and Japan.

MOQ: 500 pcs       Delivery time: 45 days after contract fixed.

If you need wholesale prices, please feel free to contact us.

  • 44cm strong cedar wood Clips Cloth hanger for all clothes: Suit, Coat, Jacket, Trousers, Skirts, Dresses, Scarf   
  • Made of aromatic Cedar wood from North America,Premium Cedar cloth hanger clips are breathing cloth hangers because they absorb the humidity and unpleasant odor in closet and wardrobe, the dress hangers have more advantage for clothes care than normal wooden hangers due to the natural scent of cedar wood for 100% organic moth and insects repelling, so the cedar hangers are perfect hangers for wardrobe organizer. More cedar wooden hangers, please visit>> cedar-wood-hanger
  • The craftsmanship and the attractive natural grain pattern deliver the premium looking   
  • Quality chromed-plated straight clips hold trousers, skirts , scarves firmly
  • 4mm strong chrome-plate hook swivels in any direction  
  • Also U-notches can be added for straps and loops   
  • Width: 44cm, thickness: 1.5cm  
  • MOQ: 500 pcs
  • Custom logo plates, laser engraved logo available
  • Besides cedar hangers, we are capable to supply cedar  clothes hanger racks as well
  • Custom cloth hangers package acceptable
  • Delivery: 45 days after contract fixed
  • Terms of payment: 30% deposit , 70% upon B/L copy.  For more hangers choices, please visit >>

44cm Premium Cedar Clips Hanger / 44-CedarH-Rnd-Clip-1007 is one of our best selling Premium Cedar Wooden Hangers. The crafted smooth shape fits all clothes, with added straight clips for trousers, skirts, scarves. The coat hangers clips are widely used at home, in public and display in brand shops.

The cedar wooden hangers are not merely hanging clothes, its aromatic fragrance features as moth and insect repellent in closet and wardrobe, provide extra protections and clothing care than general wooden coat hangers.

Arisen premium cedar wooden clothing hangers are ideal for clothes care as closet and wardrobe organizer.

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Being premium wooden clip hangers factory, Arisen wholesale  original quality wooden shirt hangers, wooden coat hangers bulk, custom cloth hangers, diversified color finish hangers.


Tips about cedar wooden hangers

Color: After using for a time, the fresh red color of cedar wood hangers fades, becomes light red, that’s natural. No impact in functions.

Scent: The natural aromatic flavor decreases after a time, sanding the surface of cedar wooden hanger slightly by a piece of sanding paper, the aromatic scent returns.

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