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Beech Shoe Tree Shoe Shaper Diplomat Waxed -twin tubes & knob

Item No. B22THBW Diplomat Waxed For Men  

Professional quality beech wood shoe trees supplier, Arisen has been focusing on custom shoe trees for more than 30 years.


MOQ:200 pairs/size   Delivery:45 days after contract

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  • Men’s quality beech wooden shoe trees    
  • Made of natural high quality European beech wood, shoe shaper absorb moisture from shoes and boots
  • Shoe keeper remain the shape of shoes and boots, also prevent wrinkles
  • Adjustable forepart width of shoe holder by elastic spring in between, suitable for different shoe shapes and widths    
  • The crafted heel part of boot shoe tree holds the shoes and boots back part perfectly  
  • Elastic spring inside golden-plated double tubes help to adjust the length of shoe shaper to fit shoes in different sizes. Push the shoe tree gently from the heel when you insert the shoe tree into shoes and continue toward to shoe toe, then press down the heel in position
  • The golden–plated knobs on heel help to push forward shoe keepers into and toward the shoe toe. When taking out the shoe tree, just grip the knob and lift the heel gently. More cedar wood shoe trees, please visit>>cedar wood shoe tree
  • The shoe shaper with wax make it easy and feel smoothly when you use 
  • Size range: 38/39,40/41,42/43,44/45,46/48
  • MOQ: 200 pairs /size
  • One pair / inner box, 20 pairs/master carton
  • Custom package acceptable
  • Custom logo plates, laser engraved logo available
  • Delivery: 45 days after contract fixed
  • Terms of payment: 30% deposit , 70% upon B/L copy. For more shoe trees choices, please visit >>shoe tree

The beech wooden shoe tree shoe shaper Diplomat waxed can absorb the moisture from shoes. The crafted streamlined forepart and heel fit your shoes perfectly and remain your shoes in fine shape for years. The golden-plated knob on heel makes it easy when inserting and taking the shoes tree out of your shoes. The waxed shoe tree surface make it feel smooth when usage.   

Men’s Beech Shoe holder Diplomat waxed– Twin tubes & Knob is one of Arisen best selling Premium Shoe Wideners in recent years. Made of high quality European beech wood with long growing period, the beech men shoe trees are stable in quality and widely welcome by quality-oriented customers and companies.

Frequent use of Arisen wooden boot stretcher can prolong your shoes life.

Arisen wood shoe trees are perfect for shoe care both at home for family use and for brand shoe shops display.

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Being wooden boot trees Manufacturer, Arisen offer factory prices of quality wood boot shape keeper, shoe inserts, boot stretchers and wooden boot shaper For Sale.



When do you need shoe trees ?

After a whole day walking, it’s time to release your feet from the shoes, and it’s shoe tree’s turn. Better to insert wooden shoe trees into your shoes as soon as possible or within one ~ two hours to wick away the sweat from the lining, prevent the lining from rot, while holding the leather to its natural shape from cracking.

Suggest to have the shoe trees inserted in shoes at least 24 hours before next wearing.

If your feet sweat much every day, strongly recommend to have cedar shoe trees to draw the moisture inside the shoes and the cedar aromatic flavor dissipates the unpleasant smell, has  fresh odor control.        


How long the shoe trees inserted in shoes ?

For better effect in keep your shoes dry and in fine shape, 24 hours is minimum.


Every pair of shoe tree need its own shoe tree ?

Better to do like that if you want give more care to all your loved shoes !

How to use twin tubes shoe expander shoe tree ?

Main process to make shoe tree :

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