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Non-Toxic Organic Pest-Free Cedar Wood Teddy Bears

For clothes care, organic moth-free and pest repellent, toys storage care, drawer freshener, closet storage and wardrobe organizer

Item: Cedar Wood Teddy Bear


  • Non-Toxic Organic Pest-Free Cedar Wood Teddy Bears made of 100% organic and aromatic Cedar wood from North America, its natural flavor is moth and insect repelling, as clothes care, toys storage care, drawer freshener, closet storage and wardrobe organizer
  • Cedar polar bearsare breathing clothing care products!  The cedar wooden polar bears can be stored in drawer, closet and wardrobe to absorb moisture and keep your wardrobe fragrance for a long time.
  • The Cedar Bear appearance make your wardrobe sweet and lovely.
  • Sizes available: Width 6.1cm*Height 6.8cm*Thickness 0.9cm
  • MOQ: 2000 pack
  • Custom package: in color box, PP box, pouch bag
  • More cedar sachets available: cedar ring, flower, ball, cubic, cones, cedar fresher bag…
  • Custom package acceptable
  • Delivery: 30 days after contract fixed
  • Terms of payment: 30% deposit , 70% upon B/L copy

Cedar Wood Teddy Bear has natural aromatic fragrance as organic moth and insect repellent in drawer, closet and wardrobe, absorbs the unpleasant damp and leaves natural fresh scent, perfect for clothing care.
Our Non-Toxic Organic Pest-Free Cedar Wood Teddy Bears  are non-toxic and eco-friendly.

More cedar sachets available. Please visit Closet Accessories for detail.

Arisen Closet Accessories are ideal for clothes care as closet and wardrobe organizer at home.



Being wholesale organic repellent and eco-friendly cedar fresher supplier, Arisen supply original cedar wood sachets as fresher bags and organic moth and insect repellent widely used in shoes, drawer, closet and wardrobe as closet accessories.  


 Tips about cedar wood products:

Color: After using for a time, the fresh red color of cedar wood fades, becomes light red, that’s natural. No impact in functions.

Scent: The natural aromatic flavor decreases after a time, sanding the surface of cedar wood slightly by a piece of sanding paper, the aromatic scent returns.   

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