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Mens cedar shoe trees Personalized shoe trees Twin Silver Tubes for fashion shoes

Men’s cedar shoe trees Personalized shoe trees Twin Silver Tubes for fashion shoes   

 Item No. C22TH Giasone for Men

Professional eco-fresh cedar wood shoe trees supplier, Arisen has been focusing on custom shoe trees for more than 30 years.


MOQ:200 pairs/size   Delivery:45 days after contract

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  • Aromatic cedar shoe trees, ecofresh cedar wood of USA origin
  • Personalized wooden shoe tree for men
  • Custom mens shoe trees for fashion shoes
  • Absorb the wetness from shoes lining, prevent fungus  
  • Effective shoe shaper to hold the shoes in fine shape, prevent leather cracks
  • Aromatic fragrance from cedar wood shoe tree to keep shoes fresh for long lasting     
  • Easy to handle shoe cedar inserts
  • Adjustable shoe trees to expand the tightness of shoes
  • Durable mens cedar shoe tree for years   


Aromatic cedar wood from America origin

Main functions

1)Keeping shoes in fine shape for years, prevent wrinkles – save your money

2)Organic deodorant shoe cedar inserts for shoes , absorbing the moisture from shoes while spreading natural aromatic scent-for your health  

Size range



200 pairs/size


Custom shoe trees for personalized design fashion shoes

Delivery time

45 days after contract

Terms of payment

30% deposit,70% upon B/L copy




Mens cedar shoe trees,personalized shoe trees with twin silver tubes for fashion shoes are widely welcome by European customers who love fashion shoes, ideal shoe trees for men for dress shoes.

Natural ecofresh fragrance from aromatic cedar wood features as deodorant in house storages for clothes care, in shoes for absorbing the humidity from lining and leather, keep dry and prevent fungus and leather wrinkles and cracks, ideal for your health and your quality life!

Men’s cedar shoe inserts are easy to handle, effective in keeping your shoes in fine shape for years.     

Frequent use of cedar shoe inserts can prolong your shoes life, leave fresh fragrance in shoes.

Arisen mens cedar wood shoe trees are ideal for shoe care both at home and brand shoe shops display.

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What is a shoe tree ?


A shoe tree is used as shoe shaper insert in your shoes, to absorb the moisture from shoes lining to  prevent fungus and remain the shoes in good shape to prevent leather from wrinkles. In short, a shoe tree is to protect your shoes to last yours shoes lifespan.


What are cedar shoe trees used for ?


Cedar shoe trees are used as shoe shaper inserts for keeping your shoes in good shape. The cedar wood shoe trees absorb the wetness from shoes lining to prevent fungus, reduce the leather wrinkles to prolong shoes lifespan. Natural ecofresh fragrance from cedar wood shoe tree features as organic deodorant fresher. After cedar shoe tree inserted in your shoes over 24 hours, the shoes will become dry and fresh as new shoes from inside to outside.



As wood shoe tree manufacturer, Arisen wholesale aromatic cedar shoe trees for sale,cedar wood shoe stretcher,boot jack remover, custom shoe horn, and ecofresh cedar hanger,  ecofriend deodorants ,shoe care storage with various choices for your shoes and closet storages.


Tips about cedar wood shoe tree

Color: After using for a time, the fresh red color of cedar wood shoe tree, cedar boot tree and cedar shoe stretcher fades, becomes light red, that’s natural. No impact in functions of shoe tree.

Scent: The natural aromatic cedar shoe trees decreases after a time, sanding the surface of cedar shoes slightly by a piece of sanding paper, the ecofresh cedar wood shoe tree scent returns and fresh again.  


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