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our service Specialized in Custom Design and OEM/ODM Service

As a professional supplier, Arisen supply personalized shoe tree , cedar wood shoe tree, clothes hanger, cedar hanger,cedar suit hangers, cedar closet hanger , cedar shoe horn , cedar blocks, cedar sachets, hotel furniture for decades. We’re capable to do Custom design, OEM/ODM service

Besides quality shoe tree and hanger manufacture, we offer more value-added service including new molding, custom logo, unique packing design, and more.

We are proud of our own R &D department. Just give us your concept, we’ll help you to make it happen. Professional one-stop service, from design to delivery, save your time and money.

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Custom Design

Frequently we get new concepts from customers. Sometimes it’s just a new idea, for instance, our shoes tree customer wanted to have a brand new shoe last / mould for a new fashion style shoes. According to his sketch, we worked out the design and in very short time the customer was really happy to see the samples.
Also we’re capable to produce distinguished shoe shape keepers for fashion shoes.


Besides the mass production of shoe trees and coat hangers, we also supply distinguished products with unique custom design and OEM/ODM. Versatile choices available: logo of metal plate, laser engraved, heating in golden and silver, etc. Show us your idea, we make it real.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q Quality / Wooden Shoe Tree +


    What is a shoe tree ?


    A shoe tree is used to insert in your shoes, to absorb the moisture from shoes lining to  prevent fungus and remain the shoes in good shape to prevent leather from wrinkles. In short, a shoe tree is to protect your shoes to last yours shoes lifespan.   


    What are cedar shoe trees used for ?     


    Cedar shoe trees are used for keeping your shoes in good shape. The cedar wood shoe trees absorb the wetness from shoes lining to prevent fungus, reduce the leather wrinkles to prolong shoes lifespan. Natural ecofresh fragrance from cedar wood shoe tree features as organic deodorant fresher. After cedar shoe tree inserted in your shoes over 24 hours, the shoes will become dry and fresh as new shoes from inside to outside.     


    Why use cedar shoe trees?


    The cedar wood shoe trees not only absorb the moisture in your shoes, remain your shoes in good shape, but also act as eco-friend deodorant, that’s unique of cedar wood.


    How to choose shoe trees?


    Choose the shoes tree same size as yours shoes.

    For shoe trees, we sell in pair; as for shoe stretcher, either in pair or single piece.


    How to guarantee the quality of wood shoe tree?


    Arisen has strict quality control from fine raw material select, standard manufacture process

    and QC inspection in every production step.    

  • Q Material / Wooden Shoe Tree +


    What’s the material for Arisen wooden shoe trees?


    Our wooden shoe trees are made of hard wood, for instance, cedar from North America, beech wood from Europe, pine wood from New Zealand, schima wood from China. All the shoe trees are produced according to customers’ requirements either in natural raw wood or in different color finish and waxed .    

  • Q Use / Wooden Shoe Tree +


    How to use wooden shoe tree ?

    Men’s shoe tree




    step 2






    Women’s Shoe Tree


    step1                                   women's_shoe_tree     

    step 2




  • Q Quality / wood coat hanger +


    Why use Arisen cedar wood Premium hangers?


    Arisen cedar wood Premium hanger range covers full functions of hanging suit, coat, jacket, dress, blouse, trousers and pants, skirt, scarf, tie and belt… The outstanding advantage of cedar hangers is moth and insects repelling thanks to cedar’s natural aromatic flavor. Ideal choice to have cedar hangers for your clothing care in your closet and wardrobe.


    How to choose Arisen hangers ?


    Arisen hanger range have Top hangers for jacket, clothes, dress; Bar hangers for coat and trousers; Clip hangers for trousers and skirts; Shoulder-shape hangers for suit and heavy duty coats; Tie and Belt Hooks for tie and belts.

  • Q Material / wood coat hanger +


    What’s the material for Arisen clothes hangers?


    Our wooden hangers are made of hard wood, for instance, cedar from North America, beech wood from Europe, oak wood from America, schima wood from China. All the hangers are produced according to customers’ requirements either in natural raw wood or in different color finish.   

  • Q Delivery +


    When will be the lead time of an order?


    Normally 45 days after we get deposit.