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Qingdao Arisen is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality  shoe tree and wooden hanger from China.  

Two co-founders of Arisen, Shang Sen and Sun Yan started business of painting accessories in 1989. Stable quality of Paint Brushes and decorating accessories as well as reliable supply capacity gained more and more Pro and DIY customers all over Europe, America, Australia, Asia and Africa. In 1990, our French customer Mr. Francois Wang led us to the wood shoe tree line, personalized shoe trees for dress shoes. Quickly soon Arisen wooden shoe trees entered the deluxe- shoes markets of France, Italy,and UK. With keep- improving craftsmanship in shoes trees manufacture and strict quality control in every manufacture process from shoetrees material selection, molding, sanding, assemblage and package, the stable quality of wooden shoe shape inserts from Arisen established long-term trust from more customers in Germany, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland ,Japan, and other Asian countries.  

Being wooden shoe tree manufacturer and among best shoe tree wholesalers, perfect and diversified patterns of Arisen shoe trees and womens shoe stretchers and wood shoe stretcher for men for fit your shoes well, extend the life of your shoes by absorbing the moisture from shoes, meanwhile, help to maintain your shoes in good shape, prevent from cracks and wrinkles. Arisen Premium Shoe Trees are made of North America cedar wood, its natural aromatic scent of cedar shoes is ideal for environment -friendly deodorant freshener in shoes. Other more personalized shoe trees are European beech wood shoe shaper, New Zealand pine wood shoe keeper , Japanese Hinoki shoe expander, Cypress shoe inserts and Chinese schima shoe wooden inserts . Our cedar wood shoe tree including Women’s shoe trees and Mens shoe tree, beech adjustable shoe trees, pine shoe shape keeper, schima split toe shoe tree, shoe form, ultra shoe tree, wood shoe stretcher and wooden boot stretcher,embauchoir as well as premium Schuhspanner are widely welcome, you may find our custom shoe trees either in luxury and hand-made bespoke shoe shops, brand shoe shops, shoe tree inserts in shoe manufacture sites or shoe trees in supermarkets as well as many families around Europe, America, Oceania and Asia.   

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Besides shoe trees, we also supply shoe care accessories: personalized boot jack, custom boot remover, custom shoe horn, ecofresh cedar shoe shine box, custom shoe care kits box,bespoke shoe storage box.     

Arisen Wooden coat hangers were initially developed from ecofresh  cedar, same wood as our cedar Shoe Trees. Thanks to cedar wood unique aromatic flavor, our Premium Cedar Wood Hangers are not merely normal wooden hanger for hanging coats but also moths and insects repellants, so the cedar wood hangers are perfect wardrobe organizer with its long-lasting natural and eco-friendly fragrance. Arisen wooden cloth hangers are custom designed for different clothing, hangers of different wood, various patterns and color finishes help you to sort out the headache storage problem in keeping closet and wardrobe well-organized. You may find executive cedar suit hangers & cedar coat hangers, cedar jacket hangers, also cedar clamp hangerscedar clips hangers for trousers and pants, cedar tie hanger ,cedar belt spinner, cedar scarf hangers ,space-saving cedar hanger connector from our Premium Cedar Hanger. Furthermore, quality-oriented customers also find other luxury wooden clothes hangers within Arisen Hanger range such as oak wood heavy duty coat hangers, beech wooden suit hangers and other fine wood dress hanger, shirt hanger, T–shirt hanger, clips hangers , as well as vintage wooden hangers, and kids wooden hangers in multi-color painted finishes. Of course we’d like and are capable to supply creative personalized hangers for customers with their exclusive, distinguishing custom design, logo and packaging as well.

More Plastic Hangers as Windproof plastic hangers, portable plastic dryer hangers and more multi-function hangers are adding to our hanger range.    

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For fine clothes care, we have portable cedar wood cashmere lint remover comb and beech wooden wool fabric pilling comb for your clothing care anytime and anywhere.

Also made of ecofresh cedar wood, Cedar Sachets can help you to repel moths and other insects from fine fabrics, silk, expensive woolen and cotton in wardrobe, closet and drawer, remaining long-lasting natural and fresh fragrance. With many different images and shapes available, cedar ring, cedar ball, cedar cubic, cedar butterfly, cedar teddy bear, cedar polar bear, cedar flowers, cedar hang ups and cedar blocks in various sizes can be stored in wardrobe, closet and drawers, also can be put on clothes hangers for moths and insects repelling to protect your clothes and keep your closet storage clean and fresh smell.

We always care about the natural forest and environment much that the “waste” cedar wood saw from cedar shoe tree and cedar hanger manufacture are fully utilized as cedar saw bags, shoe cedar inserts as shoe and boot deodorant fresher to absorb the damp in shoes and as eco-friend deodorant in shoes, as fresher bags in wardrobe storage to  moths and other insects repelling, giving off fresh flavor as ideal house storage accessories.  

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Being a quality-concerned supplier, our target to supply defect-free shoe trees and wooden hangers can be achieved by our seriousness and responsibility from raw material selection, standardized manufacture process and strict quality control system in every step throughout the mass manufacture in our factories.

Our customers’ requirement for delivery can be arranged and guaranteed fast and flexible.

Identically, from the very beginning of our business, our team mates cherish the trust from every customer and for that trust we’ve been trying our best to make every piece of detail correct.     

Furthermore, innovation in Arisen is our daily work. We’re keeping increasing new to New Arrivals. Hope you can find what you need here in Arisen.


Company Culture
  • Our mission: To provide outstanding Shoe Trees, Coat Hangers and unsurpassed service to every customer.

  • Our vision: To supply defect-free Wood Shoe Tress and Clothes Hangers by our seriousness and responsibility.

  • Our value : Our team mates cherish the trust from every customer and for that we try our best to make every detail right.

cedar shoe tree and cedar hanger
Our Factory

Our factories have been producing wooden shoe trees, coat hangers and closet accessories over 25 years, with AI machinery and nearly 200 experienced workers. Qualified with FSC certificate, ISO9001:2000 and BSCI, all the house care products are exporting to quality-oriented customers globally.