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Cedar Wood 2-Way Premium Shoe Stretcher Alexander   

Item No. Cedar Premium Shoe Stretcher Alexander

Professional ecofresh cedar wood shoe trees supplier, Arisen have been focusing on custom shoe trees for more than 30 years.


MOQ:200 pairs/size   Delivery:45 days after contract

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    • Cedar Wood 2-way Premium Shoe Stretcher Alexander help to stretch the width and length of shoes to be less tight when the shoes are too tight or when you have high instep
    • The crafted threaded metal rod with plastic handle help to expand shoes width and length   
    • Before stretching the shoes, adjust the metal knob to make the wooden shoe tree heel close to the front part, so it’s easy to insert the wood stretcher into shoes. Then twist the metal knob to make sure the heel in proper position to hold shoes back part perfectly to lengthen the shoes
    • Rotating the black plastic handle clockwise to open up the front part to proper width
    • The metal plate fixed at end of forepart has firm restrict in stretching width.
    • 4 bunion plugs as attachment to be put on any of 16 pressure points to solve bunion problem
    • Made of natural aromatic cedar wood from North America, Cedar wood 2-way Premium Shoe Stretcher Alexander provide added value to absorb moisture from shoes
    • As anti-moth repellent and Eco-friend deodorant for shoes due to cedar wood aromatic flavor
    • Both used for Women and Men’s shoes
    • Size range: S, M, L, XL, choose the same size as your shoes size
    • Selling by single piece or by pairs  
    • Bulk pack , wrapped by white paper or custom package
    • Delivery: 45 days after contract fixed.
    • Terms of payment: 30% deposit , 70% upon B/L copy.



Cedar Wood 2-Way Premium Shoe Stretcher Alexander is one of the most popular shoe stretcher because it provides extra functions. The quality designed wooden parts, threaded metal rod, metal plate and 4 plastic bunion plugs as attachment help to stretch your tight shoes less tight in width and length by less than half – size, or if you have high instep and bunion points . When stretching, please be careful, don’t OVER stretch your shoes. You can choose the wooden stretcher size same as your shoes size.   

After about 24 hours, you’ll find your shoes tension has been improved and you can feel comfortable in your shoes!

The wooden part of 2-way-premium-shoe-stretcher made of cedar wood from North America absorb the moisture in shoes, also as perfect Eco-friend deodorant and anti-moth repellant for shoes.

Arisen wood shoe trees are ideal for shoe care both at home and brand shoe shops display.



Being premium wooden shoe trees supplier, Arisen offer Cedar Wood 2-way Shoe Stretchers Wholesale and Cedar Wood Shoe Trees Amazon  


Tips about cedar wood products:

Color: After using for a time, the fresh red color of cedar wood fades, becomes light red, that’s natural. No impact in functions.

Scent: The natural aromatic flavor decreases after a time, sanding the surface of cedar wood slightly by a piece of sanding paper, the aromatic scent returns. 



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