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Natural Anti-Moth Hanging Cedar Wood Maple Rings

Organic freshener for clothing care, pest-killer closet storage, closet care, toys storage, drawer freshener, closet and wardrobe organizer

Item: Cedar Wood Maples

  • Natural Anti-Moth Hanging Cedar Wood Maples are breathing freshener for clothing care  
  • Moth-free cedar wood maple has a round hole in center can be hung on clothes hanger, hanging block or with laces hanging on closet hanging rod
  • Cedar wood pest-killer maples can be stored in drawer, closet and wardrobe to absorb moisture and keep your wardrobe natural fresh scent for a long time
  • Made of 100% organic aromatic Cedar wood from North America, Natural Anti-Moth Hanging Cedar Wood Maple Rings is moth and pestfree repellant, non-toxic freshener for clothes care, toys storage care, drawer freshener, closet storage and wardrobe organizer
  • Maple appearance add some delight to your wardrobe
  • Sizes available: width 4.9cm* height 5 cm*thickness 0.8 cm
  • MOQ: 2000 pack
  • Custom package: in color box, PP box, pouch bag and poly bag with header card
  • More cedar wood sachets available: cedar wood ring, cedar wood flower, cedar wood balls, cedar wood cubic, cedar wood cones, cedar freshener bag…
  • Custom package acceptable
  • Delivery: 30 days after contract fixed
  • Terms of payment: 30% deposit , 70% upon B/L copy

Natural Anti-Moth Hanging Cedar Wood Maple Ring has natural aromatic fragrance as organic moth-free and pest-killer repellent in shoes, drawer, closet and wardrobe, absorbs the unpleasant moisture  and release natural fresh scent, perfect freshener for clothing care, organic pest-free repellent, toys storage care, drawer freshener, closet storage and wardrobe organizer

Our Cedar Wood Maples are non-toxic and eco-friendly.

More cedar wood sachets available. Please visit Closet Accessories for detail.

Arisen Closet Accessories are ideal freshener and non-toxic for clothes care as closet and wardrobe organizer for your quality life



Being non-toxic moth-free cedar wood rings pieces manufacturer and wholesale pest-free cedar wood freshener, Arisen offer factory prices for cedar wood sachets as freshener and organic moth-free and pest-killer repellent widely used in shoes, drawer, closet and wardrobe as closet accessories. 


 Tips about cedar wood products:

Color: After using for a time, the fresh red color of cedar wood fades, becomes light red, that’s natural. No impact in functions.

Scent: The natural aromatic flavor decreases after a time, sanding the surface of cedar wood slightly by a piece of sanding paper, the aromatic scent returns.   






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