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10, Jun 2020 1715 views

It’s always a headache to sort up mess clothes in wardrobe. Let’s make it simple with Arisen hangers. We supply a wide range of Premium Hangers for expensive suits, overcoat, dress, jackets, ties and scarf, also space-saving hangers for T-shirts, trousers and pants. You may choose our hangers of different wood and various color finish for different clothes. Another headache problem is the moth and other insects in wardrobe, Arisen cedar wood hangers are the ideal choice! The aromatic fragrance of cedar wood is eco-friend insects repellant and after a certain time of use, sand the cedar wood hangers gently with a piece of sand paper, the fresh scent comes back again and lasts long.       

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  Qingdao Arisen is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality  shoe tree and wooden hanger from China. ...